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Author Unknown


I like books

I really do.

Books with stories

And pictures, too.


Books of birds

And things that grow.

Books of people

We should know.


Books of animals

And places, too.

I like books

I really do!






I like books

Big books

Little books

Happy books

Sad books

Books with pictures

Books with words

I like books




Hello Book!

by N.M. Bodecker


Hello book!

What are you up to?

Keeping yourself to yourself,

shut in between your covers,

a prisoner high on a shelf.

come in book!

What is your story?

Haven’t you ever been read?

Did you think

I would just pass by you

And pick me a comic instead?

No way book!

I’m your reader

I open you up.

Set you free.

Listen, I know a secret!

Will you share your secrets with me?




by Ann Turner


Do you remember

learning to read?

That book full of squiggles

like ants, escaped.

the teacher’s big thumb

on the page,

your heart beating inside

afraid that all you’d ever see

was ants—

Then a word popped out.

“See,” and another, “cat,”

and my finger on teacher’s

we read “I see cat.”

I ran around the room

so happy I saw words

instead of ants.



Independent Strategies

by Jill Marie Warner


When I get stuck on a word in a book,

There are lots of things I can do.

I can do them all, please, by myself;

I don’t need help from you.

I can look at the picture to get a hint.

Or think what the story’s about.

I can “get my mouth ready” to say the first letter.

A kind of “sounding out”.

I can chop up the words into smaller parts,

Like on or ing or ly,

Or find smaller words in compound words

Like raincoat and bumblebee.

I can think of a word that makes sense in that place,

Guess or say “blank” and read on

Until the sentence has reached its end,

Then go back and try these on:

“Does it make sense?”

“Can we say it that way?”

“Does it look right to me?”

Chances are the right word will pop out like the sun

In my own mind, can’t you see?

If I’ve thought of and tried out most of these things

And I still do not know what to do,

Then I may turn around and ask

For some help to get me through.





Now That I Can Read

I used to need somebody

To sit and read to me.

I’d look at every page they read

And listen carefully.

But now that I am in first grade,

I’m filling up a shelf

With stories, poems, and other books

That I can read myself.




Emergent Reader Poem


I’m trying hard to learn to read

But what’s a kid to do

When there’s a NO and a GO

and a SO and a HO,

And then there’s a word like TO?

Reading BONE and CONE and


Can almost be kind of fun,

But I get upset when I have to believe

That D-O-N-E spells DONE!

It’s plain to see a kid like me

Sure needs a helping hand.

No matter how much I really try

I just don’t understand.

I’m trying hard to learn to read.

Somehow that’s what I’ll do,

But for now if you’ll just read to me

Someday I’ll read to you!




Read to me

by Jane Yolen


Read to me riddles and read to me rhymes

Read to me stories of magical times

Read to me tales about castles and kings

Read to me stories of fabulous things

Read to me pirates and read to me knights

Read to me dragons and dragon-book fights

Read to me spaceships and cowboys and then

When you are finished- please read them again.




A Book Speaks

When you drop me on the floor

I get stepped on – my sides are sore;

Torn-out pages make me groan;

I feel dizzy if I’m thrown;

Every mark and every stain

On my covers gives me pain;

Please don’t bend me, if you do

I don’t want to talk to you;

But we will both be friends together,

If you protect me from the weather

And keep me clean so that I look

A tidy, neat and happy book.




Look in a Book

by Ivy O. Eastwick



in a book

and you will see


and magic

and mystery.



in a book

and you will find


and nonsense

of every kind.



in a book

and you will know


the things

that can help you grow.




In a Story Book

At night when sunshine goes away,

And it’s too dark for me to play,

I like to come inside, and look

For new friends in a story book.





A story is a special thing

The ones that I have read

They do not stay inside the books

They stay inside my head.


Welcome to school!

May this school year bring

You happiness galore,

And may you enjoy it-

Right to the core!




by Eileen Buckard Norris


Books lead folks

To other lands


Bind folks

With friendship bands


Tell folds of bygone days


Bring folks Tomorrow’s way.




Good Books, Good Times

by Lee Bennett Hopkins


Good books, good times

Good stories

Good rhymes

Good beginnings

Good ends

Good people

Good friends

Good fiction

Good facts

Good adventures

Good acts

Good stories

Good rhymes

GOOD books

GOOD times




What is a Book?

by Lora Duneta


A book is pages, pictures and words

A book is animals, people and birds

A book is stories of queens and kings

Poems and songs- so many things!

Curled in a corner where I can hide

With a book I can journey far and wide

Though it’s only paper from end to end

A book is a very special friend.




Adventures with Books

Author Unknown


Books are ships that sail the seas

To lands of snow or jungle trees

And I’m the captain bold and free

Who will decide which place we’ll see

Come let us sail the magic ship

Books are trains in many lands

Crossing hills or desert sands

And I’m the engineer who guides

The train on its exciting rides. Come, let us ride the magic train

Books are zoos that make a home

For birds and beasts not free to roam

And I’m the keeper of the zoo

I choose the things to show to you

Come, let us visit in a zoo

Books are gardens, fairies, elves

Cowboys and people like ourselves

And I can find with one good look

Just what I want inside a book

Come, let us read! For reading’s fun




Books To the Ceiling

by Arnold Lobel


Books to the ceiling

Books to the sky

My piles of books are a mile high

How I love them

How I need them

I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them





by Beverly McLoughland


The biggest


On the library shelf

is when you suddenly

Find yourself

Inside a book-

(the HIDDEN you)

You wonder how

The author knew.




Open A Book

by Jane Baskwill


Open a book

And you will find

People and places of every kind

Open a book

And you can be

Anything that you want to be:

Open a book

And you can share

Wondrous worlds you find in there

Open a book

And I will too

You read to me

And I’ll read to you.




What Is A Book?

by Lora Dunetz


A book is pages, pictures, and words;

A book is animals, people, and birds.


A book is stories of queens and kings,

Poems and songs – so many things!


Curled in a corner where I can hide,

With a book I can journey far and wide.


Though it’s only paper from end to end,

A book is a very special friend.




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TEACHER: Who is your favorite author?

PUPIL: George Washington.

TEACHER: But George Washington never wrote any books.

PUPIL: You got it.


LIBRARIAN: Why don’t you take home a Dr. Seuss?

PUPIL: I didn’t know he made house calls.


TEACHER: How many books did you finish over the summer?

PUPIL: None. My brother stole my box of crayons.


TEACHER: How many books have you read in your lifetime?

PUPIL: I don’t know. I’m not dead yet.


TEACHER: What did you learn from your history book about Harriet Beecher Stowe?

PUPIL: If you draw a beard and a stovepipe hat on her, she looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln.


TEACHER: What does your history book tell you about the Civil War?

PUPIL: It doesn’t tell me anything. I have to read the dumb thing.


My father gave me a really cheap dictionary for my birthday.

I couldn’t find the words to thank him.


If you don’t know what the word “dictionary” means,

where would you look it up?


TEACHER: Why are you holding your textbook up to the window?

PUPIL: You told me to open it up to the Middle East.


TEACHER: Where is South America?

PUPIL: I don’t know.

TEACHER: Where is Greenland?

PUPIL: I don’t know.

TEACHER: Where is Bulgaria?

PUPIL: I don’t know.

TEACHER: Look them up in your textbook.

PUPIL: I don’t know where that is, either.


Our school librarian is very strict.

She’ll send you to the principal’s office for thinking too loudly.


Our school library is so quiet, when I’m sitting in there,

I can hear my hair grow


PUPIL: Do you have Moby Dick?

LIBRARIAN: Yes, we do.

PUPIL: I thought something smelled fishy in here.


LIBRARIAN: Did you enjoy reading Moby Dick?

PUPIL: I couldn’t finish it. I got seasick.


PUPIL: Do you have Oliver Twist in hard cover?

LIBRARIAN: Yes, we do.

PUPIL: Well, let him out; he’s a friend of mine.


TEACHER: Tell the class what book you read.

PUPIL: Black Beauty.

TEACHER: And tell the class what it was about.

PUPIL: It was about 120 pages.


LIBRARIAN: Did you enjoy reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

PUPIL: Well, I read the first 100 pages, then I found out it wasn’t about football.


Our school library is so quiet you can hear a pin drop and if it does;

the pin will be sent to the principal’s office.


TEACHER: Tell the class what book you read and what you thought of it.

PUPIL: I read the phone book, but I didn’t understand it. It had too many characters.


TEACHER: Tell the class what book you read and then tell them something about the plot.

PUPIL: I read “The Life of Thomas Jefferson.” He dies at the end.

My teacher says our schoolbooks are a magic carpet that will take us all over the world.

I took mine to the garage and had them fitted with seat belts.


All of my schoolbooks have pictures in them,

even if I have to draw them myself.


My teacher caught me drawing in my American Revolution textbook.

She said, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I said, “Making my mark in history.”


One of my teachers said that I should hand in my books at the end of the year better than when I got them.

What does he want me to do, add pages?


My teacher told us that books are man’s best friend,

so my dog bit him.


My teacher says we should treat our schoolbooks just like we treat one another.

So after school, I picked a fight with my History book.


MOTHER: How come you never bring any books home?

SON: Mom, they’re schoolbooks, not home books.


SON: Dad, my teacher says I should have an encyclopedia.

FATHER: Nonsense, you’ll walk to school the same as I did.


The only thing I hate worse than carrying a lot of schoolbooks home

is having to open them once I get there.


If the Good Lord wanted us to bring schoolbooks home from school,

He would have put wheels on them.

Any book with George Washington’s writing in it is worth thousands of dollars.

Any book with my writing in it is worth two weeks of detention.


My lunch leaked all over my schoolbooks.

I now have the only geography book where the map of Turkey is covered with gravy.


We have to carry heavy books home, then we have to carry heavy books back to school in the morning.

If the authorities knew this was going to happen, why didn’t they build the school closer to us?


What do librarians hang over their babies’ cribs?



What has a spine but no bones?

A book.


Why did the Rumanian stop reading for the night?

To give his Bucharest (book a rest).


Why was the library so messy?

Because it was full of litter ature.


What would you get if you crossed a comedian and an Edgar Allan Poe story?

The wit and the pendulum.


What would you get if you crossed a locomotive with the author of Tom Sawyer?

A choo choo Twain.


How did the author of Tom Sawyer learn to ride a bicycle?

With Twain ing wheels.


Did you read the dachshund’s autobiography?

It’s a long story.


What happened when the bloodhound wrote his autobiography?

It got on the best smeller list.


What books were ordered from Prague?

Czech (check) books.


Which mythological character carried the maps?



What was the name of the book about a trio of adventurous French cows?

The Three Moo sketeers.


What book is about a rodent pioneer?

“Little Mouse on the Prairie.”


What did they call Tom Sawyer’s friend after he lost a lot of weight?

“Huckleberry thin (Finn).”


What do Peter Pan and noon have in common?

Neither have a shadow.


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10.Information Practices

11.Informatics Practices0001









20.English (Core)




24.Computer Science0001

25.Computer Science




29.Bussiness studies0001

30.Business studies




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